My name is Cato, I'm from District 2.
I was reaped at the 74th games of The Hunger Games, I would've volunteered regardless if my name wasn't called.
Regardless of such a fact, I have trained all of my life to become a tribute in The Hunger Games. It's preferred such that contestants have a chance to train but my family ignored it. I was too excited to contain my excitement at such an idea, the chance of having glory and unending adoration so close. . . I nearly lost it when my name was called, except there was no need to go in and add more slips of my name for tesserae. It wasn't needed, my District is very rich, and very self-sufficient anyways.
I will win, no matter how far I need to go. I will kill the most difficult tributes to get them out of the way. With Clove and myself being the tributes from District 2, the chances of our winning is high.
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Alright, I’m going to get off the computer. Tomorrow I start school, and after that I have a Starbucks date with one of my youth leaders. :) So I’m not quite that sure when I’ll be on but I’ll reply to every reply that I have to do then. So, good night!

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